Embarking on a New Chapter: CroisDev’s Exciting Office Move!

We are thrilled to announce that CroisDev has officially settled into its new home, marking the beginning of an exciting chapter in our journey. On October 1st, we bid farewell to our old office and embraced the positive changes that come with growth and progress.


Why the Move?

As our team expanded, so did our need for space and improved working conditions. The old office faced challenges with the cooling and heating systems, hindering productivity and comfort. The decision to move was driven by a desire for a more modern, spacious office with ample natural light—a place where our team can thrive.

Some pics from the OLD office:

Benefits of the New Location:

Our new office, just 5 km from the old location, offers several advantages:

  1. Healthy Eating Options: A fantastic spot nearby offers delicious, homemade, and healthy food—a perfect choice for our dedicated team.

  2. Ample Parking: Unlike our previous space, the new location boasts a generous parking area, alleviating one of our previous challenges.

  3. Convenient Accessibility: Easily accessible by car, our new office ensures a smooth commute for our team members.

  4. Surrounded by Amenities: We’re surrounded by essential amenities such as pharmacies, supermarkets, home stores, and even an adjacent bank—creating a convenient work environment.

As we step into our new office, we’re not just moving locations; we’re embracing a future filled with growth, innovation, and a commitment to excellence. This space represents our dedication to providing the best for our team and clients alike.

Roman GhermanCOO & Founder



What the Move Means for Team Moldova:

  1. Signs of Growth: The move signifies not only our growth but also our commitment to providing the best working conditions for our team. With the new office, we have the space to grow further and enhance our services.

  2. Competing for Talent: In the competitive talent market, offering modern offices is essential. Our new workspace positions us as a leading player in providing an environment that attracts and retains top talent.

The new office is a breath of fresh air—literally! The natural light, spacious interiors, and improved amenities create a vibrant and productive work atmosphere. I’m excited about the positive changes it brings to our daily work life

Alina AtamanQA Lead and Testing Automation Engineer

Visitors and Future Plans:

We eagerly anticipate welcoming external and internal guests to our new space. As for the future, we have exciting plans in the pipeline, including team-building days and potential work vacancies to accommodate our expanding team.

Looking Ahead:

As we settle into our new surroundings, our focus is on planning for the upcoming festive season. Stay tuned for more updates and celebrations as we continue our journey of growth and success.

Thank you for being a crucial part of CroisDev’s story. Here’s to new beginnings and continued excellence!