Case Study: Elevating Web2Print Customization with Infigo’s Long-Term Partner, Croisdev

Infigo - Croisdev Partnership


For over nine years, Croisdev, the renowned software development brand under Infigo Moldova, has been an indispensable partner for Infigo, our esteemed customer based in the UK. Infigo has consistently leveraged Croisdev’s expertise to empower their business through cutting-edge solutions. This enduring collaboration showcases the transformative power of our outstaffing, outsourcing, and custom development services, solidifying our position as pioneers in the realm of Web2Print platforms

IndustryWeb2Print, E-Commerce
Leadership SkillsTeam management, motivation, responsibility
DateFebruary 2015 - Present
Software Development SkillsArchitecture, Integrations, Infrastructure, .Net, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL, Vue.JS, Angular, Javascript, Typescript, AWS
Quality Assurance SkillsManual Testing, QA Automation (Python, Katalon, Playwright)



The Challenge: Scaling with Innovation

Infigo’s Web2Print platform, a highly versatile e-commerce site, enables customers to personalize their orders in virtually limitless ways. As Infigo’s customer base expanded exponentially, the necessity to introduce new features, enhance existing functionalities, and seamlessly integrate various aspects of the platform arose. This marked the inception of the collaborative journey with Croisdev in 2014-2015.

The Unified Force: Croisdev's Dedicated Team

The synergy between Infigo and Croisdev blossomed into a dedicated team consisting of 12 skilled members—two quality assurance experts and ten seasoned developers. This coalescence enabled seamless communication and rapid development cycles, ensuring that the partnership flourished with efficiency and expertise at the core.

Milestones Achieved: Revolutionizing the Landscape

Croisdev’s impact on Infigo’s Web2Print platform has been nothing short of revolutionary:

  1. Integration Mastery: Croisdev seamlessly integrated the Infigo platform with an array of MIS systems, including PrintIQ, Tharstern, CERM, Veracore, and many more. Notably, a Generic MIS was crafted, enabling effortless integration with diverse external systems.
  2. Streamlined Shipments: The addition of shipment integrations, including Easypost support, empowered Infigo’s platform with the ability to manage parcels, dimensions, customs data, return rates, and full Easypost Order compatibility.
  3. Payment Power: Croisdev introduced payment integrations with industry giants like PayPal and Stripe, amplifying the platform’s transactional capabilities.
  4. Authentication Excellence: By integrating authentication systems such as SAML and CAS, Croisdev fortified the security framework of the platform.
  5. Continuous Enhancement: Countless new features, functionalities, and ongoing maintenance have enriched the platform’s capabilities over the years.

The Formula for Success: Communication and Innovation

The hallmark of the Infigo-Croisdev partnership lies in constant communication, feedback loops, and mutual suggestions. This collaboration has not only amplified the efficiency of the development process but has also nurtured an environment of continuous improvement.

Unveiling the Future: A Partnership to Propel Your Project

The Infigo-Croisdev partnership stands as a testament to the profound impact of leveraging Croisdev’s expertise in NopCommerce, e-commerce solutions, and integrations. By embarking on a journey with Croisdev, businesses can transcend limitations, ushering their projects into a realm of unmatched innovation and success.


In conclusion, the Infigo-Croisdev partnership serves as a beacon of what collaborative innovation can achieve. The partnership has not only elevated Infigo’s Web2Print platform but has also established a blueprint for businesses seeking to amplify their offerings and surge ahead in their industry