Viorica Jardan


As our Chief Financial Officer, Viorica brings a wealth of financial expertise and strategic vision to our organization. With her exceptional skills in financial management and analysis, she plays a pivotal role in driving the financial success and stability of our company.

Viorica’s extensive experience in financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting allows her to effectively manage our resources and make informed decisions that align with our business objectives. She ensures the smooth financial operations of our organization, maintaining accurate financial records and implementing robust financial controls.

In addition to her financial responsibilities, Viorica also takes charge of the office management functions, ensuring that our workplace runs smoothly and efficiently. Her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail contribute to the seamless operation of our day-to-day activities.

As a leader in our organization, Viorica demonstrates excellent management and communication skills. She effectively collaborates with internal stakeholders, providing insightful financial analysis and guidance to support informed decision-making. Her strong interpersonal skills foster a positive and productive work environment.

Viorica’s strategic mindset and ability to think analytically enable her to identify opportunities for growth and optimize our financial performance. She keeps a close eye on industry trends and market dynamics, guiding our company towards financial success and sustainability.

At CroisDev, we greatly value Viorica’s expertise, professionalism, and dedication. Her financial acumen, combined with her efficient office management skills, ensure the smooth functioning of our company, allowing us to focus on delivering exceptional services to our clients.

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