Dorin Buraga

Software Engineer

Dorin is a .NET Software Developer, bringing extensive experience and expertise to his role. He has dedicated the past four years to refining his skills and gaining valuable industry knowledge.

One of Dorin’s notable projects centers around the development of a customized e-commerce platform specifically designed for the web-to-print industry. This exciting endeavor allows him to leverage his proficiency in various programming languages and frameworks. His strong command of C# and the .NET Framework empowers him to create robust and scalable applications. Moreover, he possesses intermediate skills in JavaScript, particularly in utilizing the Vue.js framework to craft dynamic and interactive web interfaces.

In addition to software development, Dorin excels in database management. He has acquired extensive experience working with MSSQL, showcasing his aptitude in database administration and effective data handling.

Dorin places a strong emphasis on ensuring the quality and reliability of the software he develops. His intermediate skills in testing and debugging enable him to construct comprehensive unit tests, validate functionality, and adeptly identify and resolve any issues through meticulous debugging and troubleshooting.

Collaboration and effective communication are fundamental aspects of Dorin’s approach to development. He thrives in team environments, seamlessly collaborating with colleagues, exchanging ideas, and collectively driving projects forward.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Dorin enjoys pursuing various hobbies. He finds solace in swimming, embraces the joy of travel by exploring new destinations, and appreciates the tranquility of leisurely walks amidst the beauty of nature.

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