Alina Ataman

QA Lead and Testing Automation Engineer

Introducing Alina, our exceptional QA Lead and Testing Automation Engineer at CroisDev!

With a solid background in the printing industry, Alina brings a wealth of experience and expertise to our team. Her demonstrated history of success in various projects showcases her exceptional skills and dedication.

Alina is well-versed in Agile Methodologies, enabling her to effectively adapt to the fast-paced and dynamic nature of software development. Her proficiency in Quality Assurance, Test Management, QA Engineering, and Test Planning allows her to lead our testing efforts with precision and meticulous attention to detail.

As a seasoned professional with over 7 years of experience at CroisDev, Alina has honed her abilities to deliver top-notch results consistently. She possesses a strong engineering background, equipping her with a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of software development.

Alina’s leadership capabilities shine through in her role as our QA Lead. She excels in coordinating and guiding our testing team, ensuring smooth collaboration, and fostering a productive work environment. Her ability to effectively communicate and delegate tasks contributes to the overall success of our projects.

Clients can rely on Alina’s expertise to ensure the highest levels of quality in our software solutions. Her proficiency in testing automation empowers us to deliver reliable, robust, and efficient products to our valued customers.

At CroisDev, we take pride in having Alina as a key member of our team. Her dedication, skills, and strong professional background make her an invaluable asset in our pursuit of excellence.

Experience the difference that Alina and our exceptional team can make for your IT projects. Contact us today to discuss how we can leverage our expertise to drive your success!

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